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First published in CommUnicate issue 325 was Created in January 1998 by the Universities Advertising Group (UAG) with the aim of providing a cost effective alternative to traditional print media for the Higher Education sector. Since our launch we have grown to become the leading recruitment website for careers in research, science, academic and related professions.

Since 2007 we have been solely owned by the University, and have recently relocated from the University Science Park to Argent Court. Our team consists of 35 members of staff who work here at the University office, around the UK and also internationally.

How we serve Warwick

Every University of Warwick vacancy is placed free of charge on our website, which currently receives over 540,000 unique users per month.

The results of our recent Effectiveness Survey revealed that is over four times more effective than The Guardian, THE and the national journals combined in appointing candidates to academic appointments (35% compared to 8%).

It also revealed that the average university is receiving more than one third of its academic appointments through

As well as advertising 45,000 vacancies on our website each year, we offer many other services to help support and continue to improve recruitment within the HE sector.

These services include:

  • Commissioning research studies into topics such as 'How To Make Your Recruitment Website More Effective' and 'How To Implement E-Recruitment Solutions';
  • Running national conferences and networking events such as our recent UK Immigration and International Recruitment conference on the forthcoming changes to Immigration Laws;
  • Designing new products, such as Campaign Mini Sites to help recruiters promote their Employer Brand, and Employer Videos to show jobseekers what it's like to work at an institution.
Our future plans

With recruitment becoming ever more globalised the future of already looks like it may involve a move into international markets. We have recently exhibited at a series of CUPA (College and University Professional Association) conferences in America, and envisage international recruitment forming a key part of our growing business.

However, our main focus will always be to continue to support UK universities in their recruitment, and to provide them with a highly qualified talent pool from which to recruit.

How to contact us

To see more details of the services we offer, our team here at Warwick, or just to browse, visit the website. Alternatively you can email us at