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Bob Thomson Coaches in China

Bob Thomson, Learning and Development Adviser within Warwick's Learning and Development Centre (LDC) recently spent a week coaching in China at the invitation of the Beijing University of Technology. Bob ran six workshops for academics, administrators and PhD students there, using a coaching approach to help each group explore the issues of most interest to them.

Bob said:

"Facilitating the workshops was challenging but hugely enjoyable. The people at BJUT, whom I’d worked with when they visited Warwick last summer, wanted to learn more about a non-directive coaching approach. At times I had to think quickly in order to craft activities that would help them to explore their individual challenges without me offering any answers."

Bob also met the President of Beijing University of Technology, Professor Guo Guangsheng, to discuss the translation of his book on non-directive coaching into Chinese. "The translation is virtually finished," Bob explained. "But we're struggling to find a suitable Chinese phrase to translate the title – Don't Just Do Something, Sit There."

Bob hopes to return to Beijing for the launch of the Chinese edition of his book at the end of the year.

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