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Brief Encounter: Peter White

First published in CommUnicate 320

Peter White recently joined the University as Communications Officer in the Development and Alumni Relations Office. His role involves producing written and electronic communications for Warwick's Alumni.

Favourite phrase


Least favourite phrase


Magazines read

Nothing too serious - Runners’ World, Cycling Plus, Wisden Cricketer.

Life before Warwick

In my last job I worked for the Composting Association, a membership organisation which promotes the sustainable management of biodegradable resources.

Prior to that, I worked for Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue Service communicating the importance of home fire safety to hard to reach groups.

Smartest career move

Working out that the publishing industry was never going to pay any better.

Best thing about working at Warwick

So far, it’s looking good, the DARO team has made me feel very welcome.

Worst thing about working at Warwick

Too early to say (but traffic on Gibbet Hill Road is looking like a possibility).

Lifelong ambition

To be able to look back on life with no regrets.

People are always surprised to learn this about me, but...

I can speak a little bit of Swahili.

As a young child what did you want to be as a "grown-up"?

A historian or a vet, I think.

Now that you are grown-up what would be your "dream job"?

Either a novelist or a professional cyclist (neither is very likely).

What has life's experience taught you so far?

Work out your priorities and stick to them.

Major achievement to date?

Running a marathon.

What do you treasure most?

My time with my wife, Judy.

Which person inspires you most, and why?

Lance Armstrong and Nelson Mandela, both for overcoming the seemingly insurmountable and my Dad for setting me a good example.

Your all-time favourite record or piece of music?

It varies from day to day but today it would be Back in Black by AC/DC

Your favourite hobby or pastime?

Running and cycling long distances.

Peter White