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Student Calling Team Donate to Warwick

Late last year, one Warwick benefactor put a challenge to Student Callers: for every pound that they personally donated to the University, another pound would be given to match their gifts up to a £1,000 limit.

Over the past four months, the Student Calling Team generously donated a total of £621.82 to the University. The Warwick Benefactor who set the challenge has agreed to match the students’ gifts with the full £1,000 contribution, meaning £1,621.82 will be distributed to good causes across campus, as voted for by members of the team.

Their gifts will help to support a scholarship for an exceptionally able but financially disadvantaged student, purchase new library books for use by students across all four faculties and provide hardship funds for students who find themselves in financial difficulty during their studies here.

Current fourth year student and Team Manager Laura Bailey commented:

Laura Bailey

"The participation of Student Callers in the Caller Challenge demonstrated our belief in the worth of giving to Warwick. We have seen the benefits for ourselves, as fundraisers and members of the campus community, and were inspired to become part of such a worthwhile cause. The whole team’s enthusiasm and commitment to fundraising is very impressive and having the challenge has been brilliant for team morale!"