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Comparative American Studies Students raise funds for Haiti

Students from the School of Comparative American Studies have, in just one week of fundraising, raised £2,000 to help the disaster relief efforts in Haiti.

£1,000 was raised from a single event when 13 students walked from Leamington to campus. Staff and Graduate students from Comparative American studies, organised by Rebecca Earle, raised £285 through a tea party named "Hai-TEA" last week.

Professor Trevor Burnard, Head of the History Department said: "I think we can be very proud of our students’ efforts in this extremely worthy cause. I am delighted that students specialising in the history and cultures of the Americas have shown such selflessness in trying to help people afflicted by a terrible tragedy."

Karen Ainscow is coordinating donations and will be very pleased to receive any further money from students or staff. You can contact her at

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