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Dentistry research wins first prize

Edward Lynch, Head of Dentistry at Warwick Medical School, and his colleagues were awarded a first prize for their research at the annual International Association for Dental Research (IADR) meeting on 20-23 June 2012 in Brazil, for the tenth time in the past 12 years.

Edward's presentation, entitled 'Volatile Sulphur Compounds Prevalence in UK Private Patients and Possible Management' by D Buckley, M Ahmed, I Abou-Rabii, M. Almasri and Edward Lynch, was awarded first prize by the Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Toxicology Research groups of the IADR.

In his acceptance speech Edward said:

This research is the work of Diarmuid Buckley, one of Warwick Dentistry’s Masters students who carried out this epidemiological study and clinical trial as part of his research dissertation in Warwick Dentistry in the University of Warwick.

In this clinical trial, Diarmuid showed that halitosis is less prevalent in a UK population well educated in Oral Health Care maintenance and how the use of Ozone can treat halitosis by managing the volatile sulphur compounds which are the predominant causes of this distressing problem.

Edward was also elected during the meeting to represent the Geriatric Oral Research Group on the Council of IADR in 2013 and to be the next President of the Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Toxicology Research Groups.