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Gail Kendrick named Midlands Apprentice of the Year

Gail Kendrick, a member of the Estates Office cleaning team, has been named "Midlands Apprentice of the Year" after successfully completing her Apprenticeship in Cleaning and Support Services.

The award, given by Birmingham Metropolitan College, comes in recognition of Gail’s hard work on the course, her strong results in the various tests and exams it involved, and the support she gave to the other members of her group in their work.

Gail said:

"Everyone who studied for the Apprenticeships has done extremely well. A lot of us hadn’t done this much learning for many years – it was a big thing for us. It's a big achievement for everyone who took part."

Joanne Phillips, one of the course's organisers, said:

"This is a great achievement for the University of Warwick. You should be very proud of her".