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General Nicolau Award to Emeritus Professor D J Whitehouse

Award DWThe International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP) has conferred the 2012 General Pierre Nicolau Award for significant and distinguished scientific contributions to the field of production engineering to Professor David Whitehouse.

The General Pierre Nicolau Award is the highest award in production engineering in the world. It is presented by CIRP, known in English as the International Academy for Production Engineering, which is the world-leading organisation in production engineering research. Professor David Whitehouse, Emeritus Professor at the School of Engineering, has become the first Briton to ever receive the prestigious award.

David began his career as a development engineer in 1958, moving on to work with Dr. R.E. Reason as a research engineer in 1961. He worked in industry for 20 years before joining the University of Warwick, and is regarded as the world authority on surface and nanometrology. He founded the first international journal on Nanotechnology in 1990, which is amongst the top rated journals in the field.

This award from CIRP is an addition to an already extensive list of honours which Professor Whitehouse has received from around the world, marking the accomplishments and dedication of over fifty years of work.

About CIRP

CIRP is the world leading organisation in production engineering research and is at the forefront of design, optimisation, control and management of processes, machines and systems. The Academy has restricted membership based on demonstrated excellence in research and has some 600 academic and industrial members from 50 industrialized countries. The vision of CIRP is to promote research and development among its members from academia and industry and to contribute to the global economic growth and well being of society.

CIRP's mission is to develop the highest level international network of eminent researchers and industrialists for the purpose of marshalling their knowledge and insights.

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