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Ian King

The University is sad to announce the death of Warwick SU’s lay trustee, Ian King, who has passed away after a long and valiant battle with ill health. He is survived by his wife and daughter.

Ian had been a cornerstone of the student movement since his involvement as a very active student officer at Stirling University. He went on to be a member of staff in Students’ Unions across the country including Manchester Met, York St John, Glamorgan and Birmingham Guild. Prior to his early retirement owing to ill health in 2010, Ian was the Chief Executive of NUS Services Ltd which he was involved in establishing. Under his leadership, NUS Services became a dynamic, professional, forward looking organisation generating thousands and thousands of pounds for Students’ Unions.

There is no doubt that Ian was a huge force of nature, a remarkable mentor and a valiant advocate of student rights, He believed fiercely in ethical commerce and in making change through exerting influence and persuasion. Ian’s outstanding devotion and contribution to the student movement was recognised by the awarding of the NUS’ Lifetime Contribution Award in 2010.

Ian was a lay trustee at Warwick SU, at Exeter Guild of Students and at Stirling University. In addition, Ian was a member of the University’s Research Ethics Committee (UREC), which is responsible for making recommendations to Council and Senate on policies regarding ethics and conduct in relation to research.

Warwick SU said: “We will miss a great friend and supporter. We will ensure we pay tribute to his memory by continuing to represent our members, challenge injustice and improve lives for students.”

Our thoughts and condolences are with Ian’s wife and daughter at this sad time.