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Dr Joanna Collingwood at Royal Society Exhibition

Dr. Joanna Collingwood, School of Engineering, participated in the Royal Society’s 350th Anniversary Summer Science exhibition, which ran from 25 June to 4 July. Dr. Collingwood's part of the exhibition was called “Lighting up metals in the brain”, focussing on her work with the Diamond Light Source X-ray facility in Oxfordshire.

The aim of Dr. Collingwood's work is to use the special X-ray technology available at the Diamond Facility to study the difference in levels, distribution, and form of trace metals in the brains of people who experience a normal aging process and people who develop neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer's disease.

Members of the Royal Family visited the exhibition, giving Dr. Collingwood the chance to demonstrate her work to the Duke of Edinburgh. Many members of the public, including school children also visited her part of the exhibition.

Read more about Joanna's work and her part in the exhibition on the Diamond website

Dr. Joanna Collingwood (right), explains her work to the Duke of Edinburgh