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Justine Pedler

Justine Pedler, Head of Research Operations in RSS, leaves Warwick this summer to take up the role of Head of Faculty Professional Services for the Sheffield Business School at Sheffield Hallam University.

Justine joined Warwick in 1997 as Database Officer in the Warwick Graduate Association (the former name of DARO). She was responsible for the early development of the Raiser's Edge database which is still used by the department today.

In 2000 she took the opportunity of a secondment to RDSO (now Research Support Services) to lead a number of projects including the development of a researcher profiling system. Over time the secondment turned into a permanent position and Justine took over the management of the research support information system building the Research Operations team in the process.

The team has provided the University with a number of innovative systems and processes including the further development of the profiling system to provide content for departmental websites and CV production in support of annual review, improved management information for research planning and RAE, the electronic approval of research applications via the WOLF project and planned improvements to the contracting processes.

Justine's colleagues wish her all the best in her future career. She will be missed.

Justine Pedler with staff from Research Support Services