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Personalia - Professor Abdul Paliwala

Originally Published 25 July 2002

This year's winner of the BIALL Legal Journals Award is the Journal of Information Law and Technology. First published in 1996, this journal is only produced in electronic format, and all issues are available free of charge at

JILT is the first in a series of ejournals published under the Electronic Law Journals project, which provides a forum for continuing dialogue on law and IT issues.The Award was presented to Professor Abdul Paliwala of the School of Law.

Barbara Tearle, BIALL President and Chair of the Adjudication Panel presented the Award and explained that the Journal had "a real claim to originality in its conception, and pioneering in the use of the internet for quality journal publishing. It is a niche market journal whose content is varied, topical and of excellent quality within its specialism. It is relevant to various sections of the legal and information communities, and has articles of international appeal. The presentation is crisp, clear and unfussy, and takes full advantage of the medium by being easily managed and searched."