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Promotions 2002/03

Originally published 8 May 2003

Dr Charles Sheppard, Biological Sciences
Dr Alison Rodger, Chemistry
Dr Leslie Goldberg, Computer Science
Dr Dennis Leech, Economics
Dr Kenneth Young, Engineering
Dr Matthew Cooke, Health and Social Studies
Dr Nigel Burroughs, Mathematics
Dr Paul Klumpes WBS

Principal Research Fellowship
Dr Carol Hawley, WBS

Senior Lectureships
Dr Thomas Drewello, Chemistry
Dr Jonathan Rourke, Chemistry
Ms Ann Barnes, Education/Language Centre
Dr Richard Yeomans, Education
Dr Russell C Jones, English
Ms Shelagh Rixon, CELTE
Dr Robert Carter, CRER
Dr Jeremy Ahearne, French
Dr Georgina Paul, German
Dr Rebecca Earle, History
Dr Beat Kumin, History
Dr Patrick Major, History
Dr Luca Mola, History
Dr Loredana Polezzi, Italian
Dr Jacqueline Hodgson, Law
Dr John Moody, Mathematics
Dr Petr Plechac, Mathematics
Dr James Robinson, Mathematics
Dr Peter Topping, Mathematics
Dr Roger Tribe, Mathematics
Dr Oleg Zaboronski, Mathematics
Dr Matthew Turner, Physics
Dr Parita Mukta, Sociology
Dr Andrew Martin, WBS