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Dr Mike Hannon

The 2 warwick Chemists
The 2 warwick Chemists

Originally Published 04 November 2002

Dr Mike Hannon, of the Department of Chemistry (pictured here with Dr Alison Rodger), has been awarded the Bob Hay Lectureship by the Royal Society of Chemistry RSC) Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry Subject group. The award is given annually and consists of the Bob Hay 'cup' (a silver bowl) and a plenary lecture is given at
the annual meeting of the group to be held this year on 17/18 December at the University of York. The award is given for research in the general field of macrocyclic and/or supramolecular chemistry. I was nominated by Professor Dave Leigh of Edinburgh (formerly of Warwick). The award was initiated in 2001 to commemorate Professor Bob Hay who was one of the founding members of the group and who devoted great time and effort promoting the interests and strengths of the goup. The previous winner was Professor Mike Ward from Bristol.

Mike's research on using supramolecular chemistry to encode biomolecule recognition and wrap up DNA into a closely wound coil has been attracting a lot of recent attention (including an article about our work in Scientific American) and was highlighted in Communicate not long ago.