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Obituary - John Little

Originally Published 17 March 2002

Lt Colonel John Little, former Chair of the Building Committee 1987-1996, Chair of the Careers Advisory Board and a long serving member of Council, died on 24 December 2001. In January 1996, he was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Letters by the University for his distinguished contribution to the work of the University. John Little served as a member of Council for 13 years and as Chair of the Building Committee, oversaw the initiation of a ?35 million building programme that included the University?s first postgraduate residences and the Ramphal Building.

Lt Colonel John Little played an important part in the South Warwickshire area, encouraging local youth to become actively involved in countryside activities. He was also involved with the renovation of the St George the Martyr Church in Newbold Pacey, where on 3 January, a thanksgiving service was held.