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Warwick Researcher wins Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship.

Anna Whitworth
Anna Whitworth
Originally Published 14 January 2004

Anna Whitworth, a researcher in the department of Chemistry, has been awarded a prestigious Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship for young scientists by the Royal Society. Only 10 Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowships were awarded for research beginning this year.

Anna, who received her PhD from the University of Warwick in 2000 and has since been working as a postdoctoral researcher, plans to use the award to further develop her interests in the study of cellular processes using electrochemical and microscopy techniques. Anna explains: “The goal of my fellowship is to develop scanned probe microscopy techniques for studies on a variety of biological systems. Research will focus initially on the physiology of cyanobacteria and human endothelial cells.”

The funding for her award has been provided by BP, officially making her a Royal Society BP Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow.

The award provides Anna with support for 4 years, from 1 Jan 2004 and will be held within the Electrochemistry and Interfaces Group, which was awarded the Best Research Group Award by Laboratory and Industry News in October 2002. The group led by Patrick Unwin and Julie Macpherson carry out activities in biomedical science, chemistry, physics and materials science.

Further information about the Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowships may be found on the Royal Society’s website (