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Brief Encounter - Harriet Mann

Harriet Mann
Harriet Mann
Originally published 22 April 2004

Harriet Mann is a student author whose work is being featured in Warwick’s First Student Publication, the magical book of folk tales,‘Love and Other Human Tragedy’.


First-year English Literature student.

Which means

I study anything from The Iliad to Asterix.

Favourite phrase

"Long sleeps the summer in the seed".

Least favourite phrase

"Assessed essay".

Magazines read

All the usual trash, plus the odd music magazine. And the Warwick Boar, of course!

Life before Warwick

At the School of St Helen & St Katharine in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. I live in a small village called Compton, situated between Newbury and Oxford.

Smartest career move

Blagging a week’s work experience at Working Title Films in London. I got to talk to the producers, read scripts in progress, and watch the unedited rushes from About a Boy. It was incredible.

Best thing about studying at Warwick

There’s so much to get involved in, and you’re never lonely.

Worst thing about studying at Warwick

Being miles from human civilisation.

Lifelong ambition

To live in a house with a turret!

People are always surprised to learn this about me, but...

I appeared as an extra in the Ali G movie. (I’m a “shocked onlooker” – blink and you’ll miss it!)

As a young child what did you want to be as a "grown-up"?

A writer. But at that point my stories were mostly about horses.

Now that you are grown-up what would be your "dream job"?

Not sure exactly – possibly working in development or as a script editor for a film/broadcasting company.

What has life's experience taught you so far?

Don’t doubt yourself, and don’t be afraid of failure.

Major achievement to date?

Passing my driving test. It was something of a miracle.

What do you treasure most?

My friends and family.

Any hidden talents?

I can play three instruments and sing, but not at the same time.

If you could change one thing in the University overnight, what would it be?

Probably the location. I’m not a big fan of Coventry, and sometimes I miss the countryside.

Which person inspires you most, and why?

My friend Sarah. She was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease (a form of cancer) at 18, but has dealt with it amazingly and refused to let it hold her back. Now, nearly two years on, she’s had the all-clear, and is about to complete her third year at Nottingham University, studying Physics and Astronomy.

Love and Other Human Tragedy hits stores 6 May 2004 2004 with a book launch in the Warwick Arts Centre Bookshop.