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Pat Rushton: 60 Years Old and 26 Years at Warwick

Originally published 14 July 2004

It was Pat Rushton's 60th birthday yesterday and she would like to pass on her thanks for all the presents and warm wishes from colleagues at Warwick that made her special day so enjoyable. After a presentation and rousing chorus of 'Happy Birthday' yesterday morning she got lots more presents throughout the day and then finished up by going out to dinner with close friends and colleagues.

Pat, from the Development and Alumni Relations Office, has worked at Warwick for nearly 26 years. She first came to work at the University in August 1978 and since then she has worked in the Fees & Grants Office and Personnel Office. Currently, she is the Senior Database Assistant within the Development and Alumni Relations Office.

The celebration was extra special because now Pat has reached 60, she'll be reducing her hours down to three days a week, but we're pleased to say that we're not losing her yet!