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Open Studies tutor fighting cancer

Hazel Lowndes
Hazel Lowndes
Originally Published 25 May 2004

Open Studies tutor Hazel Lowndes has recently undergone an operation for breast cancer. Reluctantly Hazel asked whether we could find substitute tutors for her many Open Studies classes for this term. Sarah Hedley and Julie Hyde were happy to oblige and took over the popular Painting and Drawing classes to the relief of everyone concerned. However Hazel’s students were anxious not to lose touch with the popular tutor and bombarded her with cards, flowers and get well messages.

Recently Kay Rainsley of Open Studies paid Hazel a visit, at her invitation, to see how she was getting on. She proudly showed me the bouquets of flowers and cards from her students and also some paintings which she had done. 'I haven’t been idle while I’ve been away', she told me. 'I’ve kept myself busy painting some of the flowers'.

We, at Open Studies, wish Hazel a speedy recovery and return to her beloved classes.