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Brief Encounter - Kamiar Mohaddes

Brief Encounter - Kamiar Mohaddes
Originally Published 15 June 2004

Kamiar Mohaddes, aged 23, is the incoming Vice President and Education Officer at the Students’ Union.
His campaign slogan was ‘Kampaigning for U!’

What's the craziest thing you have ever done?
Moved to the States for a year and lived in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho!

What is your favourite saying?
Don’t really have any but if there was one then it would be: Aight!

What is your favourite recipe, film and book?
Spaghetti Carbonara, The God Father (all parts), The God Father (all of them)

Where do you want to be in 20 years time?
Lecturer and Consultant.

Home Town and Country?
Stockholm, Sweden

Degree Course?

Societies and Projects?
President of the Economics Society. Awarded the Undergraduate Research Scholarship Scheme to do research in the graduate labour market.

How many Hours a week do you expect to work?
Around 50-60 hours

What do you think of Union Council?
I think that it is good that we have students representation at different levels, but I feel that sometimes council discusses issues that don’t concern most students.

Do you regret anything in your manifesto?
Not at all!

What right now is the single biggest problem facing the Students’ Union?
I think a big problem we are facing is that a very small proportion of students at Warwick are involved in the Union elections, both in terms of standing for the posts, voting for the people that stand and the policies that go to referenda.