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Brief Encounter - Kat Stark

Originally Published 15 June 2004

Kat Stark, 20, is the incoming Societies and Student Development Officer at the Students’ Union. During the elections she campaigned under the slogan, “The Starkness”.

What is your favourite saying?
‘Life’s not a dress rehearsal’ I love it when people say that, it’s so funny!

Do you have any fears/ phobias?

What is your favourite recipe, film and book?
Recipe? ‘Back to the Future’. Don’t really like books.

Where do you want to be in 20 years time?
The House of Commons…

Home Town and Country?

Dunstable, England (although I was born in Kansas, USA)

Degree Course?
Film and TV (started off doing Law and Sociology but it was boring!)

Societies and Projects?
Revelation Rock-Gospel Choir, Freshblood Theatre, WUDS, Film Making.

How many Hours a week do you expect to work?
A lot.

What do you think of Union Council?
I’m about to find out!

Do you regret anything in your manifesto?
No. I think that the manifestos are revealing of what the candidate is like, and the sort of issues that the candidate prioritises. However, none of us have been through our sabb training yet so of course our policies aren’t watertight and many might not be do-able. It’s the though that counts during elections.

Anything Else we should know?
I used to live by the maxim: If it rhymes it must be true. e.g. there is no school today ‘cos the rain has washed it away. However, I’m happy to say that I’ve moved on because I could not reconcile the fact that the maxim itself did not rhyme.