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Brief Encounter - Carly Braddock

Originally Published 21 June 2004

Carly Braddock, 20, is the Students’ Union newly elected Welfare and Equal Opportunities Officer. She campaigned under the slogan ‘The Pink Lady’.

What's the craziest thing you have ever done?
Ask me about that in person.

What is your claim to fame?
I was once on Graham Norton, and had Joan Rivers critique my dress sense.

Do you have any fears/ phobias?
I have a general fear of being out of control in a situation. I try to counteract it by worrying all of the time, and working really hard!

What is your favourite recipe, film and book?
I am a fabulous cook., I make a fantastic curry! My all time favorite film is Velvet Goldmine, and book would probably have to be anything by Oscar Wilde, or naturally, Homer’s Iliad.

Where do you want to be in 20 years time?
I am hoping to go into the civil service eventually.

Degree Course?
Classical Civilization – the original degree discipline!

Societies and Projects?
I am involved in Union Council as an arts faculty councillor, and have been involved in various societies on executive committees and as a member. These include: Warwick Pride (LGBTU and Friends), Anime and Manga, Warwick TV and the Classics Society.

The 8th March 2005 will be the fortieth Anniversary of the signing of the University of Warwick Charter- any plans?
I’d like to see some pomp and ceremony, as we’re a new university we miss out on this sort of thing. We should start to invent our own, but not just rehashed Oxford-isms.

What do you think of Union Council?
The meetings are rather long, but I think it’s an important forum. I find a lot of the debates fairly interesting, although am aware that some of them are not strictly relevant to students as students. I hope that the policies I have submitted and have been involved in will make small but recognisable differences to people’s day-today lives. That’s why Council can be great. It means I have already had some of my ideas done, and I didn’t have to be a sabb to achieve that.

What right now is the single biggest problem facing the Students’ Union?
I don’t think that many students feel any sense of loyalty to the Union, or even the University. I would like to address this by making my work and policies relevant and helpful. The Union has helped me a lot since I have been here, I would like more people to realise that it is so much more that somewhere to drink on a Monday night.