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Derek Robins - British Disc Golf Champ

Derek Robins - Disc Golf Champion
Derek Robins - Disc Golf Champion
Originally published 29 July 2004

University of Warwick disc golfers are streams and bunkers ahead of the rest as they get on par in international competitions. Finance Manager, Derek Robins, came 1st place in the 2004 British Open Disc Golf Championships in Quarry Park, Warwickshire, last week and is heading off to the USA soon to take part in the World Championships. Meanwhile, Warwick Graduate Sue Underwood was the leading lady in last week’s competition in Quarry Park.

They’re not yet putting ahead of Tiger Woods or driving down Pebble Beach with Lee Trevino, but that’s only because Disc Golf is a whole different game! Instead of using clubs and balls Disc Golf uses a series of special discs, which are rather like special Frisbees. The object is similar to the traditional game, and the aim is to get the disc into the basket in as few shots as possible. Also like normal golf, the player chooses a suitable ‘driver’ according to wind conditions, distances and position. They use the same jargon of pars, birdies, putters and drivers.

Disc Golf originated in the 1970s and now there are over 1200 courses worldwide, with a dozen in Britain, and over 3 million players across the globe. Warwickshire has a particularly strong dominance in this country, and not least because of the strong team of University of Warwick players. A group gathers at the university and plays every Tuesday after work.

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Please contact Derek Robins for more information on ext. 22710