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Dr Russell Moseley - Evaluation Report

Russell Moseley, Director of the Centre for Lifelong LearningDr Russell Moseley, Director of the Centre for Lifelong Learning, recently submitted an evaluation report to HEFCE on Foundation Degree Forward (FDF). FDF is an association that exists to support the development of high quality Foundation degrees. It works with all relevant partners to ensure that the development of Foundation degrees is driven by the needs of students and employers and satisfies the requirements of all stakeholders.

Dr Moseley’s report was commissioned by HEFCE to advise it and the DfES on FDF’s effectiveness to date and on what support is needed in the future to build the long-term success of foundation degrees. The evaluation found an almost unanimous view that there was a need for an organisation such as FDF to continue and that employer engagement must be a major focus for FDF’s future work. FDF has now been awarded funding for a further two years.