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Brief Encounter - Shazia Saleem

Shaz Saleem Position:
Sports Federation Chair and Co-Organiser of the Warwick World Cup '06.

Which means:
I chair the committee that oversees the Union's sport provisions, including Sports Week, the Sports Fed Ball and the KPMG inter mural leagues. As Co-Organiser of the WWC, I've co-run a nationally unprecedented event bringing the FIFA World Cup atmosphere to campus (Jack Martin fields,14-21 June).

Favourite phrase:
"I've got an idea Shaz."

Least favourite phrase:
"No you can't do that Shaz."

Magazines read:
FourFourTwo, Economist, Private Eye

Life before Warwick:
Seven years of top notch private school education on scholarships, England regional netball player and county hockey player.

Smartest career move:
Turning down Oxford to come to Warwick. And I hope my change in career away from consultancy to international human rights law will be equally smart.

Best thing about working at Warwick:
The support from people, the beautiful campus and the opportunities to really develop as a person.

Worst thing about working at Warwick:
The lack of eating out provisions at weekends, especially Sunday.

Lifelong ambition:
To be able to give consistently and a lot to charity, do good things for people and to make a difference in people's lives.

People are always surprised to learn this about me, but...
I've met pretty much every premiership football player, Big Brother evictees and international pop stars by being the Head of Hospitality at the hotel I worked at for three years.

As a young child what did you want to be as a "grown-up"?
A bird.

Now that you are grown-up what would be your "dream job"?
To be an international human rights lawyer working in Africa and the Middle East.

What has life's experience taught you so far?
That you should always have faith that things happen for the best, and to be able to win anything, you have to be willing to lose everything.

Major achievement to date?
Being one of 7 in the finals for the national Graduate of the Year competition.

What do you treasure most?
My faith, my family and friends and the ability to be completely independent.

Any hidden talents?
I can juggle! And I'm pretty good at ironing shirts thanks to my big brother!

If you could change one thing in the University overnight, what would it be?
I'd install a free tram system around campus.

Which person inspires you most, and why?
I'm inspired by all those who have peace, honesty, patience and forgiveness as their core traits. My parents inspire me too for what they have achieved since arriving here with literally nothing in the 60's.

Your all-time favourite record or piece of music?
Kaoma Lambada.

Your favourite hobby or pastime?
Playing team sports, watching football and formula one racing, djing and playing with my nephews.