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Ramkumar Govindaswamy Wins TUCO Gold Medal

Ramkumar Govindaswamy, Warwick Retail, recently won a gold medal for Front of House Foodservice at The University Caterers Organisation (TUCO) event in Blackpool.

To win the medal he was judged on numerous criteria including table preparation, safe and hygienic working practices, food service skills and customer care.

Ramkumar planned ahead for this year’s event, deciding on a black and white theme in advance. He mixed black slip cloths and black napkins with white table cloths and white napkins, complete with an arrangement of light green roses and black spirals in a glass bowl. The menu was also designed to fit in with the black and white theme.

This attention to detail, along with his calmness, perfectionism and professionalism in his dealings with customers saw Ramkumar leave with the gold medal.

This isn't the first time Ramkumar has been successful at the TUCO awards. In 2010, he won a gold award in the Food Service Skills Challenge.