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Meet the Sabbs - 2008-2009

The Students' Union Sabbatical Officers, the 'Sabbs', for the year 2008-2009 took up their new roles on August 1st and are now making preparations for the year ahead. Earlier in 2008 they were elected by the student body to run and develop the University of Warwick Students' Union and associated activities. Here, we introduce them to the whole University...

Tommo Stuart Thomson

Tommo is the Students’ Union President. He graduated this summer in Politics and International Studies. Whilst a student, Tommo was President of the Warwick Snow club who famously took 500 students to Mayrhofen in Austria – the largest student ski trip ever.

The President is the figurehead of students at Warwick, representing their views to everyone from the University all the way to No. 10. The president works to encourage student involvement in all aspects of the Union. Tommo's aim for the year is simple – to make sure Warwick University and the SU provide the best possible student experience.

Mo Surve Mohammed Surve

Mo is the Union's Education Officer. He read a degree in History with a year abroad at the University of California, Berkeley. He became involved in the Union in his first year when he went to Parliament to lobby MPs on keeping the cap on £3,000 tuition fees. Over the last year, he has worked alongside the Education Officer as the Academic Representation Committee Chair.

The Education Officer coordinates the Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) system and represents students by sitting on over 40 University committees and working groups. This allows them to put forward the student view on any decisions being made or projects taken forward.

Mo's main aims for the year include working with departments to improve feedback on work, better communication between departments that offer joint degrees and working with the University to equip students with good referencing tools in order to reduce plagiarism. He also intends, in partnership with the University, to establish mentoring schemes across all departments.

Andy Glyde Andy Glyde

Andy Glyde is the Union's Governance and Finance Officer. Alongside studying politics, Andy has been hugely involved in Union democracy in his three years at Warwick; last year he chaired Union Council. He also ran his own show on RaW, Warwick’s student radio station. Last year he was awarded ‘Best Male Presenter - an achievement he is extremely proud of!

The role of Governance and Finance is split – the finance aspect is more oversight than operational, working with the Union’s finance team to make sure there is a student voice in how the finances are managed. The governance side means they are responsible for all aspects of Union democracy, from making sure Union Council runs smoothly to overseeing officer elections in term 2.

In the coming year Andy's main aim is to increase participation and involvement in Union democracy. He will also be involved in setting up the Union’s new board of trustees, which was created by last year’s changes to the Union's structures.

Mike Pidgeon Mike Pidgeon

Mike (or Pidge as he is usually known!) is the Union's Communications Officer for the coming year. He studied Engineering Business Management, and has previously been involved in the Union's RAG (Raising and Giving) charity society.

His role falls mainly into two categories. The first involves making sure students are kept up to date with what is happening in the Union, as well as around campus as a whole. Secondly, making sure students have their say in how their Union is run.

Mike's main aims for the year include ensuring that students are kept up to date with the Union Redevelopment, as well as making sure students realise that they can have a real influence on how their Union is run, by submitting feedback or getting involved in Union democracy. He will also be working on several smaller projects, including working with the Union’s staff team to redevelop the website.

Steph Jones Steph Jones

Steph is the new Welfare Officer. She studied Sociology while she was a student here, and graduated this summer. She has been involved in the Union throughout her time at University, both as a part-time Union officer and as a member of several clubs and societies including RAG and Warwick Snow.

The Welfare Officer is responsible for the health and wellbeing of every member of the Students' Union, both on and off campus. They work closely with the Union's Advice and Welfare Service. The Welfare Officer is also key in ensuring that students and the Students' Union are seen in a positive light in the local community.

Steph has a huge number of projects she will be working on over the year, but the main areas she will be focusing on include improving the housing advice available to students, establishing a 'buddy' scheme in departments as well as improving the advice section of the Students' Union website.

Terry Marshall Terry Marshall

Terry is the Sports Officer. He was massively involved in sport during his time at Warwick, particularly the Football Club. He also managed to read Economics with Economic History in his spare time!

The Sports Officer is the vital link between Warwick Sport and the Students’ Union. They are the public face of student sport and ensure that as many people as possible actively engage with sport at Warwick. They work daily with the staff at Warwick Sport to ensure smooth running of the organisation.

Terry has many different aims for the year, including a 'One to Watch' scheme, where different clubs or individuals who are achieving success are flagged up and publicised. He also wants to establish inter-hall sports leagues for a bit of friendly rivalry!

Lucy Reynolds Lucy Reynolds

The Societies Officer is Lucy Reynolds. Lucy studied Psychology during her time at Warwick, and was also involved in a myriad of clubs and societies, including RAG and Pick & Mix Sports. She ran RAG's Pub Quiz every Sunday in the Union last year, so will already be a familiar face to many!

The Societies Officer co-ordinates all societies and is the first port of call for any society executive or member if they have a problem, need support or are unsure of where to go. They oversee student initiatives such as One World Week and WSAF. Personal development for society members is also a major part of the role.

During her year in office, Lucy aims to establish a recognition scheme for extra-curricular involvement whilst at University. She also intends to set up hall societies, improving the community feel and giving students more of an input into campus life.