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Warwick Farewell - Prof. Anthony Pritchard

First published in CommUnicate issue 318 

The University regrets to announce the death of Professor Anthony Pritchard, Institute of Mathematics, who died on 12 August 2007.

Professor Pritchard came to Warwick in September 1968 and wrote a PhD thesis on Stability and control of distributed parameter systems in 1970 in the Department of Engineering before transferring to the Mathematics Institute. He worked in the institute until 1999, when he took a part time post and retired in 2002 but continued to teach his Modern Control Theory course as an Emeritus Professor.

His main research was concerned with developing an abstract theory for the control of systems governed by semigroups. He founded a Control Theory Centre of which he was director, to develop this field. More recently, Professor Pritchard had worked on a robustness theory for state space systems.

Anthony Pritchard