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Warwick People - Ederyn Williams

ederynlordstafford.jpgWarwick Ventures' Director, Ederyn Williams, was the proud recipient of the award for ‘Knowledge Transfer Champion’ at this year's Lord Stafford Award ceremony. Each year awards are given to individuals, businesses, and organisations which are recognised as having stimulated innovative collaboration between West Midlands' businesses and Universities.

Each year for the last four years, spin-outs from the University of Warwick and now the Director of its Technology Transfer Offices, have received one of its coveted awards and a cheque for the Department of £5,000. Dr John Mihell received the award on Dr Williams’ behalf. Warwick's previous winners include Warwick Ventures Spin-Outs: DigePrint, (Winner 2002), Streamline (now Concurrent Thinking) (Winner 2003), Warwick Effect Polymers (Winner 2004), Advancesis (Winner 2005).