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Professor Wilfrid Kendall Installed as President-Elect of the Bernoulli Society

Professor Wilfrid Kendall, Department of Statistics, has just been installed as President-Elect of the Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability.

The Bernoulli Society, formed in 1975, is the world society for statistics and probability theory. It is the largest section of the International Statistical Institute, one of the oldest international scientific associations functioning in the modern world.

Professor Kendall will serve for two years as President-Elect before taking up the post of President of the Bernoulli Society for a further two-year term. He is no stranger to the society, having spent a three-year term as its Scientific Secretary (1996-2000). He recalls that many of the best scientific opportunities and warmest professional friendships of his life can be traced back to participation in various conferences organized or sponsored by Bernoulli, in particular the First World Congress of the Bernoulli Society, Tashkent, 1986.

The opportunity to serve as President carries particularly strong family associations for him. Twenty previous presidents separate him from the founding President in 1975, his father Professor David George Kendall (1918-2007).