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In Memoriam: Geoffrey Wilson

The University is deeply saddened by the news of the death of Geoffrey Wilson, the founding father of the Warwick Law School in 1967.

Under Warwick’s first Vice Chancellor, the late Lord Butterworth, Geoffrey Wilson was appointed as the first Warwick Law Professor with the remit of founding and developing the study of law at Warwick. Geoffrey set the direction of the School from its inception in 1967 that made Warwick a pioneer in English legal education. This legacy remains today.

Julio Faundez, Professor Emeritus in Warwick Law School Law said:

He served as Head of Department until 1974, and until his retirement was deeply involved in guiding, supporting, and inspiring the various phases in the development of the School. Those of us who had the privilege of working with him will always remember him as an exceptionally gifted and multitalented person, whose hallmarks were wit and acuity, combined with a rebellious sense of humour”.

You can read more about Geoffrey at on the Warwick Law School webpage.