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Scholarships for Excellence in Hong Kong

seCongratulations to Mr Thomas Wilson, a Philosophy, Politics and Economics student at Warwick, who has been awarded a Scholarship for Excellence (SfE). He is currently studying at the University of Hong Kong.

The Scholarships for Excellence are an excellent opportunity for students studying at higher education institutions in England to spend from a semester up to a year studying in Hong Kong as part of their degrees. Thomas explains what he has gained from this experience:

Having been in Hong Kong for over two months I now genuinely think that studying abroad should be mandatory. This is an something you will only really get the opportunity to do while at university, and it is something you will absolutely regret not doing. Warwick is certainly rich in terms of cultural and international diversity, but studying for a year in a place like Hong Kong will give you an entirely unique experience of university.

scholarshipexcel2.jpgI have had the opportunity not just to study on the other side of the world at a globally renowned university, but also to take modules that are particular to my placement - things I would never have otherwise learned such as Eastern perspectives of International Relations, Mandarin, ancient Chinese philosophy, and Chinese popular music and culture.

Aside from this: the hundreds of people I have met, the rich culture, the opportunities to travel, the nightlife, the local food and the incredible scenery and are all aspects of my time so far that I could not have replicated at home. The things I have seen and done in the past months have been some of the greatest experiences of my life, and despite this I still feel like I have barely scratched the surface here"

There are 18 scholars from 12 UK institutions this year. The scholars are studying different subject areas, such as Architecture, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Economics, Geography with International Study, International Management, Law, Mathematics, Philosophy and Politics. Each scholarship is worth up to £3,000, depending on how long the recipients stay in Hong Kong.