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Dr James Gill on the ban of disposable vapes

As a medic, I recommend vapes to people who are trying to stop smoking. The thought being vaping is the lesser of the two evils, and will hopefully result in a patient being able to stop any inhaled products in the longer term

But disposable vapes have another, insidious harm. Their fruity flavours and bright colours are obviously targeted towards children, regardless of what manufacturers say.

We all know that banning a product is tantamount to free advertising, and also produces a preserve incentive for some people to source them too - try banning Pokémon cards as school and watch their trading explode!

The respiratory impact of children vaping is a concern as the enticing flavours, which seem to be more like those found in the confectionery industry, appeal to youngsters into trying these products. We don't yet know enough about the long-term impacts of the inhalation of the harmful substances found in e-cigarettes. The chemicals in these products could cause inflammation, reduced lung function, and make children more susceptible to respiratory infections.

Furthermore, the appealing packaging of disposable vapes contributes to the normalisation of vaping among young people, which can lead to a lifelong addiction to nicotine and other harmful substances. Whilst finding alternatives to cigarette smoking should continue to be a priority, these products are far too attractive to younger generations.

Tue 12 Sep 2023, 14:34