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Expert Comment

US House of Representatives votes to curtail the President's war powers

"Largely a symbolic motion [which] shows how deeply polarized American politics has become." International Security expert Dr. Georg Lofflmann comments on the resolution passed by the House of Representatives to curtail President Trump's powers to wage war against Iran.

Iranian missile strike on US air base - expert comment

Dr Trevor McCrisken, Associate Professor, US Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick comments on the Iranian missile attack on a US air base in Iraq.

Killing of General Soleimani - a legal perspective

"If we are interested in the de-escalation of the situation, then we must put forward the possibilities for peaceful settlement which international law has to offer. " Dr Christine Schwobel-Patel, Associate Professor in Warwick Law School, sets out the tests that international law applies to the right of self-defence for states, and the potential consequences of claiming this right.

Tue 07 Jan 2020, 11:10 | Tags: United States, Expert comment, Current Affairs, Iraq, Law, Iran

Killing of General Soleimani - expert comment

"Whether Trump has anything resembling an actual strategy vis-à-vis Iran is highly doubtful." International Security expert Dr Georg Löfflmann comments on the escalating tensions between the US and Iran.

Expert comment: Boeing's Starliner launch

Dr David Brown from the University of Warwick Astronomy and Astrophysics Group comments on the significance of today's planned launch of the Boeing Starliner capsule.

Fri 20 Dec 2019, 10:42 | Tags: Physics, astronomy, astrophysics

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