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Sustainability Research at Warwick

We're aspiring to do better for our local surroundings, for our people and for our planet. In this series of articles, you can meet some of our academics who are committed to addressing the world's immediate concerns through sustainability teaching and research at Warwick.
Martine Barons Dr Martine Barons Statistics "We need to better understand our pollinators to ensure we get more out of the land we’re already farming to feed our expanding population."
Frederik Dahlmann Dr Frederik Dahlmann 


"Sustainability is central to what I'm doing. In fact, I would describe it as my main focus for both teaching and research."
Gary Bending

Professor Gary Bending 
Life Sciences

"If I could change something I’d make people appreciate their soil more. It should be at the top of our agenda."

Professor Laura Green

Professor Laura Green

Life Sciences

"By keeping animals in good health we can minimise the number we need to farm, and so minimise their impact on the globe."

Professor David Greenwood

Professor David Greenwood


"The trend in propulsion systems markets is some kind of hybridisation or electrification, for improving the efficiency of vehicles."

Miriam Gifford

Dr Miriam Gifford
Life Sciences

"A young girl recently beat her leukaemia with the help of gene editing. We use the same amazing technology in our labs to research sustainability."

David Elmes

Professor David Elmes WBS

"Energy has often been seen as an issue for science or engineering in the past, but actually, it’s a problem for everyone to solve."