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VandeLinde Inaugural Lecture in New York

Prof David VandlindeDistinguished Warwick alumna, Baroness Amos, will deliver the inaugural VandeLinde Lecture in New York on 3rd November.

Baroness Amos is the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, and will deliver the lecture at BBC Worldwide, New York.

The new lecture series has been established to honour Professor David VandeLinde, who served with distinction as the fourth Vice Chancellor of the University of Warwick.

Baroness Amos

Baroness Amos is currently engaged in operations in Somalia and Libya. She is a graduate of the University of Warwick (Sociology, 1976) whose career has included government, diplomatic and public interest positions. She was appointed to the British Cabinet by Tony Blair, and became Leader of the House of Lords and British Ambassador to Australia.

The lecture will include the screening of short film by BBC World which documents the impact of Warwick in Africa, the University’s student teaching programme which has benefited Maths and English education for over 90,000 young learners in South Africa, Ghana and Tanzania since its inception in 2006.

Members of IGGY (the International Gateway for Gifted Youth) will also be at the event as part of the "Junior Commission" - an investigation into the future of global energy consumption. The 9 Junior Commissioners have a five-day programme of activities planned to form the basis of their research into energy consumption. They will be meeting with academic, governmental, NGOs, commercial and community groups involved in energy, climate change and sustainability which will provide them with an intensive and broad introduction to research, policy and activity within the energy field. Find out more about the Junior Commission on the IGGY website.

The University of Warwick links with the United States of America

Benefactors was one of Warwick’s first campus residences, built specifically to foster exchanges between US and British students. It was financed by Helen Martin, a local resident with family and business connections in the USA, whose donations still support student exchanges between Warwick and a group of prestigious US universities.

President Bill Clinton made the last major overseas speech of his presidency at Warwick in December 2000.

With core strengths in applied engineering and a long history of successful relationships with business, Warwick is delighted to be in a consortium led by New York University, to bid for a brand new university campus in New York, centred on technology and urban sciences. We welcome the opportunity to make an impact on the economic development of New York city and to interact with businesses there.

Warwick Arts Centre – one of the largest and most innovative arts centres in the UK – was modelled on the Hopkins Centre at Dartmouth College. Lord Butterworth, Warwick’s first Vice-Chancellor, visited the Hopkins Centre in 1964 and brought the idea back to Warwick.

Warwick’s Centre for the Study of the Renaissance has an innovative partnership of research collaboration and postgraduate training with the Centre for Renaissance Studies at the Newberry Library of Chicago. The latest project, ‘Renaissance and Early Modern Communities in a Transatlantic Perspective’ is funded by the Andrew W Mellon Foundation.