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Warwick team’s bid to transform education in South Africa

Limpopo delegation at Warwick - October 2014Researchers from the University of Warwick are travelling to South Africa for a project which aims to transform the quality of education in one of the country’s most impoverished regions.

Their aim is to gather information and make recommendations on how to improve leadership, management, teaching and learning at schools in Limpopo Province.

The small delegation from the Centre for Education Studies (CES) will fly out on Friday (23 January) for seven days.

They will meet with representatives from the University of Venda, with whom they are partnering for this project, as well as local school principals and members of the Provincial education board.

Funded by the British High Commission’s Prosperity Fund, the objective of the £52,600 initiative is to enhance the region’s quality of education with improvements in leadership, management and teacher development, which could be replicated and scaled to other parts of the country.

Ian Abbott, Director of the Centre for Education Studies, is one of the three people going on the visit. He said: “We will be going into schools, watching lessons and talking to officials, as well as gathering information that we can later analyse to make evidence-based recommendations in partnership with the University of Venda.

“It’s fantastic that we are able to share our expertise here at Warwick on an international scale for what we hope will benefit not only the Limpopo Province, but potentially other parts of South Africa too.”

The trip follows a visit to England by a delegation from Limpopo and the University of Venda in October 2014, when the CES delivered a week-long training input to a number of head teachers.

“When we arrive, we’ll be helping to implement the ideas we shared last year as well as looking for other ways to improve the area’s education system,” added Ian. “We’re very excited to be part of such a positive project, which has the potential to make a marked difference to the life chances of those in the most deprived province of South Africa.”

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Image - Limpopo delegation at Warwick - October 2014.