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Breaking the Cycle Through Social Investment

The Big Lottery is funding Addaction and its research partner, the Centre for Educational Development, Appraisal and Research (CEDAR) at the University of Warwick, to conduct a research project, Breaking the Cycle Through Social Investment.

The project is designed to evidence whether social investment models can work to support families affected by parental substance misuse.

Addaction is a national drug and alcohol charity with over 40 years’ experience of working in the field of substance misuse. CEDAR is leading a team of researchers and experts in the emergent social investment market that will work alongside Addaction to examine the applicability of social investment models in the support of parental substance misuse.

The researchers will track the experiences of 300 families supported by Addaction's 'Breaking the Cycle' project and the impact of that intervention on improving their lives. The research aims to show how cost savings are evidenced, how savings generated by a service can be used to fund that service, and how this funding model can work across multiple budgets.

The research outcomes will be widely shared with interested parties. The project is funded under the Big Lottery Next Steps programme.