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New York’s Mayor praises Warwick CUSP partnership with NYU

cusp_croppedWarwick is the only European university involved in the partnership to create New York’s new ‘Center for Urban Science and Progress’ (CUSP).

At a recent forum hosted by The Economic Club of Washington DC, New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg praised all the CUSP partners welcoming the impact New York’s new applied science and engineering campuses, including CUSP, will have on the city and the economy:

Last year, after speaking with business leaders about what resources they need to grow, we launched a competition inviting world-class universities to build new applied science and engineering campuses in our city, and the response really was stunning.

Cornell and The Technion Institute of Israel will be investing $2 billion to build a new campus on Roosevelt Island, and two new facilities will also be built by partnerships involving Columbia, NYU, Carnegie Mellon, the University of Toronto, the University of Warwick, the City University of New York, and the Indian Institute of Technology, as well as IBM and Cisco.

Together, these projects…will more than double the number of engineering students and faculty in our city - and we believe they will be a game-changer for our economy. They will create tens of thousands of new jobs - and position New York City as the world's leader in technological innovation, even ahead of Silicon Valley...

The applied sciences competition I think is just one way that we've worked to attract the talent that will drive job growth in the new economy. And as I've always said, talent attracts capital far more effectively than capital attracts talent."

About CUSP

The Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP) is an applied science research institute which will be a partnership of top institutions from around the globe, led by NYU and NYU-Poly with a consortium of world-class universities including: Warwick, Carnegie Mellon University, The City University of New York, The Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay, and The University of Toronto. The industry partners include: IBM, Cisco, Siemens, Con Edison, National Grid, Xerox, Arup, IDEO, and AECOM. This collaboration further enhances Warwick’s position as a globally connected university.

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