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Kenilworth School and Sports College moves to Trust Status in Partnership with Warwick

Kenilworth School and Sports College will attain Trust School status with the University of Warwick as its main partner.

The University has already run successful projects with the school. Sixth form students preparing for A Level further maths have attended university lectures, and students preparing for their Key Stage 3 tests and GCSEs have attended Saturday workshops.

This new partnership with the school is part of the University’s wider commitment to supporting the Trust Schools Programme made in the University Vision 2015 strategy which aims to position Warwick as one of the World’s top 50 universities by 2015.

Kenilworth School and Sports College joins four other Trust Schools already in partnership with the University, including Kingsley School, Redditch and Woodrush High School, Hollywood Birmingham which have formed the Kingswood Trust; and The Westwood School, and Barrs Hill School, both in Coventry which are moving towards Trust Status.

Ken Sloan, Deputy Registrar, says: “Warwick has built and will continue to develop longstanding relationships with schools and colleges across the UK and overseas. The extensive work through our Institute of Education, the Student Admissions and Recruitment Office, Warwick Volunteers and IGGY [International Gateway for Gifted Youth programme] shows how important the University considers working with schools and younger people to be.

“We believe that supporting these specific schools in taking forward Trust Status will make a positive contribution to their development through the sharing of knowledge and expertise, whilst enabling the University to have regular first hand knowledge of emerging trends and issues within the school system, which will be invaluable for Warwick as it plans for the future.

The University recently held a workshop for the Headteachers from all five schools and Warwick staff, hosted by the Vice-Chancellor. The workshop explored how the schools might best learn from and support each other, given that for many, this was a new group of schools with which to collaborate. The seminar also explored how the University might best contribute to the schools and their aspirations as they move forward.

University Strategy: Vision 2015

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