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New HR Project

Originally published 7 October 2002

The University has started a project to select and implement a new HR/Payroll system. The present system is over seven years old and showing its age, both in what it can do and the technology it uses. The fundamental benefits that we expect to achieve include improved provision of management information and budgeting required by department managers, devolved access to information, with a web-enabled front-end and an easy-to-use report writer. It is also anticipated that some self-service facilities will be offered to staff in due course.

The HR/Payroll Project Team is currently drawing up the requirements specification and a range of packages will be evaluated through the formal procurement process. A number of fact-finding workshops have already been held and departments will be widely consulted at all stages of the project to ensure the new system will fulfil as many of the University’s requirements as possible.

Vice-Chancellor, David Vandelinde, explained his aims for the new system: “It will assist administrative staff throughout the University and will improve effective budgetary management by informing commitment accounting in a way that is currently unavailable via the current HR system.”

The Project Team currently comprises:

  • Di Gorton, Project Team Leader, Payroll Office
  • David Hall, Project Manager, IT Services
  • Di Patchett, Analyst Programmer, IT Services.

For further information, or to register your interest in participating in the requirements gathering process, please contact Di Gorton, Project Team Leader at or visit the project website at