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The National Business to Business Centre

Originally published 7 November 2002

The creation by the Warwick Manufacturing Group and the DTI of The National B2B Centre demonstrates the importance of e-business in today’s commercial environment and the potential benefits to the UK’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

The National B2B Centre, a University Innovation Centre, is a unique partnership of leading industrial organisations and the internationally recognised Warwick Manufacturing Group.

It will be a focal point for B2B solution vendors and users alike – providing integration and demonstration facilities to showcase innovative B2B solutions. The accessibility of these facilities along with the guidance and support of the Centre will lead to the creation of new businesses based on spin-off technologies and practices.


By the end of 2005 the Centre will deliver the following:
  • 6 Technology Demonstrators - B2B demonstrator environments involving both technology and practice to solve a specific industry issue, as a vehicle for achieving SME adoption of the solution, using some or all of the components on show or similar.
  • 165 Companies Assisted in the Adoption of B2B Technologies.
  • 12 New Business Incubators - appropriate support to relevant start up businesses to exploit new ideas for B2B products or services. These businesses will benefit from facilities, skills and resources of the B2B Centre in order that they grow and become going concerns.
  • 21 Spin-off Technologies - to identify technology or service spin-off ideas and work with other organisations to development and exploitation products or solutions based on these.
  • Develop and Share B2B Best Practices – The research activities and demonstrators will provide the means to establish and test best practices against real business process examples. They will be documented via case studies, guides and papers; published on the website; implemented through projects with SMEs and presented at awareness events.
  • 13,500 Website Hits - Our website has been developed using the open source approach as a proof of concept for our first demonstrator. The web site provides access to information, advice, education and services.

The National B2B Centre will work closely with Governmental, Educational and Commercial organisations to promote the adoption of B2B technologies and practices.