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Introducing e-lab

Originally published 13 May 2002

E-lab is the part of IT Services which is responsible for developing new technologies and tools, particularly in the area of web services, e-learning and business systems. It also provides services to anyone within the university in areas such as web site design, building and maintenance, usability evaluation and testing, development of e-learning materials, support for administrative IT functions, and graphical and multimedia design.

E-lab is located on the Westwood campus on the upper floors of the old library. We can be contacted by phone on extension 74000 or by email at Our web site is


As well as providing services to individuals, e-lab is also working on a number of campus-wide projects which will deliver improved IT facilities for many of the university’s activities. These include:

The Web Architecture

E-lab is designing a web architecture for Warwick that will include:

  • A content management system to facilitate publishing, editing and managing information on the Web;
  • Templates for easily building web pages in the Warwick corporate style;
  • A directory and security service for controlling access to web resources by different members of the University;
  • Portal and personalisation services for delivering appropriate information to different individuals and groups;
  • Communication tools such as on-line discussion boards, collaborative working and document management.
  • A video streaming service for the delivery of lecture videos and other multimedia materials.
  • A set of tools for creating on-line assessments and surveys.
The Network

We are running a major project to upgrade the bandwidth and reliability of the campus network by September 2003.

Mobile and remote computing services

Staff and students want access to computing resources from wherever they happen to be working. We are evaluating the feasibility and desirability of a number of possible developments in this area:
  • PLU housing to be connected to the Internet over broadband;
  • Wireless network coverage to be introduced into communal areas on campus as part of the network project;
  • Some of the software applications which are currently delivered using the 'Warwick tree' to be made available for access through a Web browser;
  • Mobile computers to be fully supported for staff and students.
On-line enrolment

In 2002 most new students at Warwick will enrol online; this is one of the first student services to be web-enabled. Others, such as course and module selection, will follow.

The membership system

e-lab is developing a new electronic catalogue of University members that will consolidate and enhance data from core sources such as student records and the payroll/personnel system and provide definitive rules about the resources that individuals may access. It will also build the directory against which requests to access electronic resources are authenticated.