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Flight One World Week - Ready for take off!

Originally Published 13 January 2004
One World Week
One World Week

Get ready for a whirlwind adventure where you will experience the wonder of the world’s culture on Flight OWW- One World Week!

Journey the Americas, relax to the titillating sounds of Caribbean and African beats, ride the waves in Australia, explore the sights of Europe and capture the soul of Asia!

Flight OWW has a fun-filled, enriching cultural holiday planned just for you.

Day One (January 19th) – Americas Day

Oyè mi cuerpo pide salsa!

If you’ve ever wanted to learn salsa, then this day you will definitely enjoy! Treat your self to a free lesson conducted by a professional Bolivian salsa teacher. If salsa is not your thing, why not join in the mini-football tournament?

You might also want to check out the Capoeira presentation or try your hand at playing the Congo drum or maybe even browse the Mexican style market.

Day Two (January 20th) – African and Caribbean Day

Be treated to a day of sheer energy and life!

Sway to the rhythmic sounds of the Caribbean steel band; tap your feet to the heartbeat of African drums. This is the day to release your inhibitions and just be. Get your hair braided, your nails pampered, learn the latest R’n’B dance moves or be hypnotised by storytellers and poets. Don’t forget to view the photo exhibition or stroll through the street market.

Day Three (January 21)– Middle Eastern and Australasia Day

Kick back and relax as you sample the sights and groove of the Middle East: belly dancing, the sweet aroma of sheesha smoking or play dress-up in traditional Arabic clothes, decorate your skin with henna and be transformed into an Arabian prince or princess.

Visit the land down under, sample traditional foods, ride the surf simulator or just feed your mind with information about the Aboriginal culture. Whatever your flavour, there is something for you.

Day Four (January 22) – Europe Day

Feast your eyes on the spectacular sights of Europe as you browse the different country stalls and relive the experience of the Moulin Rouge through a spectacle of dance performances and live bands. Be swept away on the winds of love in a real live dating show or test your vocal chords in the Eurovision Song Contest.

And what’s a journey through Europe without football?

Day Five (January 23)– Asia Day

What better way to end a cultural adventure than with the experiences of the East?

Savour rich Asian cuisine, take a peek into the future by having your palms read or brave the ring in Sumo Wrestling. Be treated to a spectacular performance of traditional dances from China, Malaysia, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Flight OWW - One World Week …Live the experience!

See the One World Week website to see the full programme of events -