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One World Week Forum - The Point of the Party

Originally Published 13 January 2004

One World Week – Wednesday 14 January – Saturday 24 January

One World Week, organised by the students of the University of Warwick has over the last eight years grown into one of the largest student events in Europe.

Behind all the fun showbiz razzmatazz of the festival lies the real point: drawing attention to a variety of significant global issues. One World Forum was created to increase knowledge and understanding in the pursuit of peace, and has been registered as an Actor of UNESCO's International Decade for a Culture of Peace.

One World Forum 2004, between 14th and 24th January, will build on last year’s success by splitting into three dimensions: Forum Focus, Forum Interactive and Forum Arts. For 10 days the University will play host to political, cultural and social debates and discussions involving eminent personalities.

Forum Focus will take on political, social, economic and scientific issues drawing on expertise from around the globe. The discussion will be initiated and enlivened by the presence of leading intellectuals. The former Secretary of State for International Development, the Rt Hon Clare Short MP, will appear on Thursday 16th January. Martin Bell OBE and Peter Wilby of ‘The New Statesman’ will also take part in sessions.

Forum Interactive is a more student-based and personal aspect, a place where students can debate and discuss topics ranging from African Identity in the Diaspora, to Women in Today’s World.

Forum Arts endeavours to introduce matters of a more artistic nature to the wider debate, sessions will include film, theatre and special Writers at Warwick events including Shuyun Sun and Preethi Nair.

See for more information on the festival and the forum.

Tickets for Weeks 1 and 2 will be sold from the Entertainments Stand in Cholo and tickets for Week 3 will be sold from the Bottles and Shots Bar in the Students’ Union.