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Catering Projects – Summer 2004

Originally published 19 July 2004


Kaleidoscope - this project will involve a complete redesign of the layout of the kitchen, service and seating areas. This will mean complete closure of the cafe from 2nd August. EAT restaurant will be used as a dual-purpose restaurant during this period of refurbishment and the offers and opening hours will be adapted to suit. The vending operation will be moved into the library ground floor entrance lobby. Further details to follow.

The Arts Centre - some changes will be taking place to improve the style and service within EAT restaurant to increase customer satisfaction. There will be some restructuring in the Cafe Bar to emphasise what will be a premium coffee outlet and the bar area will also be altered to increase efficiency and productivity.

Gibbet Hill Restaurant - the whole area is going to be redeveloped with a complete refit of the servery area creating a new look at Gibbet Hill in terms of appearance, service offering and style. From Monday 26th July, service of a revised menu will take place from the old bar area, adjacent to the restaurant.

Social Studies – a complete refit and extension to the area will take place, increasing the efficiency of service and improving the environment of the area.

The Bar – a new sound and entertainment system will be installed in the bar area including various different screen entertainments, to raise the potential of the area as a venue.