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Fairtrade Campus

Fairtrade LogoThis term Warwick will celebrate its newly awarded Fairtrade Status with a One World Week debate and a Reception.

Only one year since campaigning began the University has easily achieved all 5 goals to achieve Fairtrade Status and is an official Fairtrade University. This means the University is committed to Fairtrade and fairly traded products are widely available. ... and to make sure it stays that way, there's a Fairtrade Steering Group of University and student representatives.

Fairtrade Status will be accepted on behalf of the University by Robert Dyson, Pro Vice-Chancellor, and Simon Lucas, President of the Students' Union, at a reception on Thursday 03 February. Short speeches will be followed by Fairtrade tea, coffee and snacks.

Before the actual award a debate is being held as part of the One World Week celebrations. The debate, Global Trade: Free of Fair? will explore the role trade has to play in the reduction of global poverty.


Panellists will include Liam Halligan, Economics correspondent at Channel 4 News, Kent Jones, Chair of the Economics Department-Babson College, Pushpanath Krishnamurthy, Campaign Executive of Make Trade Fair at Oxfam GB, and David Loyn, BBC Developing World Correspondent. To attend go along to the Arts Centre, on Monday 17 January at 6pm.

To see the University's Fairtrade Policy see this page on the Warwick Hospitality website -