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Smarter Planet University Jam

On Tuesday 21 April, the University of Warwick will be taking part in the IBM ‘University Jam’ – a 72 hour global online conversation between academics, students, IBM business leaders and technologists, and industry professionals from around the world, to discuss how technology and business can help to build “A Smarter Planet”.

The University of Warwick will be taking part in the Jam which will bring together staff and students from more than 170 academic institutions around the globe.

The Jam will be an opportunity for interested individuals to discuss and collaborate on ideas to build a smarter planet in the areas of Smart Cities, Smart Carbon and Water Management, Smart Grid, Smarter Healthcare and Skills & Education.

It will include debate around topics such as of the vulnerability of global supply chains for food and medicine, the environmental and geopolitical issues surrounding energy, how to adapt our education system to help students acquire the skills to compete in an interconnect, intelligent and instrumented world, and more.

You can find out more about IBM’s Smarter Planet at

All Warwick participants will need to register online in advance of the Jam. Register now.


IBM Smarter Planet University Jam