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University Student Raising Money to Volunteer

Hannah Taylor, a 22-year old student at the University of Warwick, will be spending her summer volunteering in orphanages in China and Tanzania.

The young childminder, who is working towards a degree in Early Childhood Development, is preparing to fly to southern China in July and then to Tanzania in mid-August. Once there she will be responsible for looking after abandoned children and is currently learning to speak Mandarin so as to be able to offer more support. The charities she is working through, Chinese Church Support Ministries and the International Volunteer Head Quarters centre on helping children in poor rural areas.

She said: "I’ve been sponsored by my church, The Stream, but I need to raise more money to get out there. I’d like to raise more than £2000 because then I can use it to buy things for the children. I love kids and I get really passionate about working with them. You can give your money but I want to go and something more to help. The kids in the orphanages are filthy. They haven’t been able to wash for ages and the orphanage is so, so dirty.  It’s so nice to know we can make a difference. It will be really amazing though, I can’t wait. There are little girls and children out there who have been abandoned and they really need our help and love."

To sponsor Hannah log on to her blog where details of how to donate can be found, along with updates of her trip.