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Visiting artist to make his mark on campus

Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi will be resident on campus next week (22-26 October) bringing his distinctive style of art to the University.

Perjovschi is an artist who has consistently questioned the behaviours and priorities of the community in which he locates himself.  His work takes the form of drawings across the walls, ceilings and floors of the institution, of pages within its newspapers and magazines, of informal debate and discussion.

The University already has a vast collection of art works on display across the campus. Operating outside a museum context, they function as visual ideas within the campus environment of thought, learning and research. 

Perjovschi is a former artist in residence at the Venice Biennale, the Museum of Modern Art in New York and at the Walker Centre in Minneapolis. Although a residency within a higher education institute is a new departure for Perjovschi, for a long time his studio has been used by students and artists in Romania to discuss a wider range of art than that shown in the country.

Over the next eight years, a series of major commissions will make Warwick’s commitment to ideas at the leading edge of art more visible and, in line with the new University Strategy, will help contribute to the development of the campus as a distinctive and exciting place to live and work. Funding from the Romanian Cultural Institute has allowed this process to begin with the Perjovschi residency.

Perjovschi will have the opportunity  to meet a wide range of different people in departments and buildings around the campus where he will be invited to make his mark.

To view more of Perjovschi’s work, visit his website at

Dan Perjovschi